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<Vidarbha facing curse of hailstorm; 38 farmers died
<Modi to visit Vidarbha; expects large turn out
<Advani free to fight from desired constituency: BJP Supreme
<End of an era: Khuswant Singh is no more
<Duma accepts Crimea accession; West rebuts
<Modi anointed; BJP stalwart losses floor
<Janlokpal defeated; Kejri puts down paper ..more
<Kejri Enters Jostling Row; Irks Wallahs And Lutyens' ..more
<Ma, THEY wouldn't let us LIVE... ..more
<Let the Cat come out of the Sack ..more
<Mizoram offers the sigh of relief: Congress sustains ..more
<Yelena Yisinbayeva still in the dark ages? ..more
<Misery of a Mistaken Identity: Inhumane, Uncivilised... ..more
<Syria: Assad fights for Aleppo; declares Halqi as next P.M. ..more
<Historic Hillary visit to Laos signaling growing US interest in Asia ..more
<Dozens killed in north Nigerian clashes over two days ..more
<Renowned Pashto singer Ghazala Javed shot dead in Pakistan ..more
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Janlokpal defeated; Kejri puts down paper

Bidding Good-Bye to responsibility or commitment....?

What should be the proper terminology to depict the unanticipated mayhem in Delhi Politics is though unclear yet; the neophyte attitude of governance has made it clear that the alternative form sustains until and unless ... more
Mere Baap Pehle AAP!!!

So ‘Mere Baap Pehle AAP’ has finally become the slogan of today’s Indian politics, at least the politics of adjustment, if the word compromise stinks much to make our holy nationalist politicians feel awkward before public. But the problem really lies somewhere behind the scenes appearing after Delhi election result specially after the ... more
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Jim Crace: The Storm That Shakes The Barley
| Dr. Anushna Biswas
| Pradip Biswas
Returning To The Cold
| Budhaditya Bhattacherjee

Photo: Jim Crace

(Inspired by themaster-craftsman director Ken Loach’s film ‘The Wind That Shakes The ... more


RADICAL RABINDRANATH : Nation, Family and Gender in Tagore’s Fiction and Films
Sanjukta Dasgupta
Sudeshna Chakravarti
May Mathew
Published by Orient Black Swan, 2013

'The Cold War is over but Cold War thinking survives.'

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